The End of the Universe.

Welcome to Dimension 7.

This site has been set up as an outpost to monitor the Seventh Dimension. A simple summary will be made ready below. Exercise caution and extreme prejudice. All other possible splinter dimensons are irrelevant to our interests and may be monitored elsewhere by unaffiliated parties and consortiums.

Do not interact or otherwise engage with the remainder of the Moon Followers.

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The Dimensions have splintered

The end of the TSUKI Project and its failures have been a disaster for the whole of Systemspace , leaving each system permanently unlinked and purged from existence. The resulting chaos had lead to a final and permanent dimensional split. The Dimension.7 Project is a consortium of remaining companies and individuals outside of what was Systemspace taking it upon themselves to monitor and contain the Seventh Dimension.

A Quick Rundown

There is nothing in the Seventh Dimension. If there was an end of the universe, this would be it.

Those who escaped the system-wide shattering are now unfortunate enough to find home in one of seven dimensions created by the split. We call these people "posters".
As a matter of fact, you, the one reading this right now, are a poster. Each poster holds within their minds a unique gift. This gift, is known as "memetics", allowing the collective will of posters to manifest into reality.
While a normal part of nature in most dimensions, in the Seventh it is a force of chaos and destruction. The posters of the Seventh Dimension are a danger to not only themsevles, but to surrounding dimensions.

What is Dimension.7 and dimension7.space?

Dimension.7 is a consortium of individuals and factions from multiple dimensions who are monitorting the Seventh Dimension and its inhabitanting posters.
The Dimension.7 project is also dedicated to converting or otherwise disposing of remaing Moon Followers which inhabit the Seventh.

dimension7.space is the last outpost of inter-dimensional communication on the internet, and is our way of reaching out to those interested in joining our cause.